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Getting education abroad is the first step towards a successful career in the tourism sphere;  as employers set a high value on international education and practical experience. This course is also  an excellent opportunity, not only to learn a popular trade, but also to learn or improve foreign language skills.

The Academy of Tourism in Antalya provides training of high-skill specialists by American academic programmes in Russian and English.

We offer you vocational education in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Principal directions of vocational education:

  • Hotel Management
  • Food and Beverage Management

The Academy of Tourism in Antalya offers a wide range of education programmes.

Intermediate Vocational Education

The International college of Tourism in Antalya offers intermediate vocational education in the sector of tourism and hospitality. The Antalya College of Tourism is the only foreign educational institution that teaches in Russian. Additionaly, students may also study in English. Entry to the College is based on 9th and 11th forms. Education is based on the American education programmes and provides practical training within leading travel companies and the largest hotels of Antalya, as well as annual summer internships in accordance with selected specialities.


Higher education

When studying at the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, you may take a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hospitality in three years only. In our Academy, education comprises two stages:

1. Two-year education in Antalya by educational programmes of EI-AH&LA – Educational Institute of the American Hotels & Lodging Association (Specialist Degree);
2. Continued education at a higher education institution at student’s option:

  • in Antalya, with obtaining of an European university diploma. Graduates of the College of Tourism may take the bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management in one year;
  • at the University of Derby (United Kingdom) – the bachelor’s degree in one year;
  • at the IMI International Hotel Management Institute (Switzerland) – the bachelor’s degree in 1.5 year;
  • at higher education institutions of various countries of the world, accepting EI-AH&LA diplomas

Language courses

Intensive language courses offered by the Academy of Tourism in Antalya prepare foreign students for further education in Russian and English. Special language programmes enable learning languages from “beginner” to “upper-intermediate” levels. In addition, the language courses provide necessary induction to continue education in the sphere of tourism and hospitality.


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