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Final Research Paper Presentation

7-8 may 2012.
diplom-2012_02Final Research Paper Presentation ceremonial event took place at the Antalya International Academy of Tourism which was a demonstration of the knowledge acquired during the 3-year studies at the Faculty of Tourism.

Antalya Academy of Tourism Principal Viktor Bikkenev, the faculty as well as the Academy guests-Meshkova A.N., assistant Dean (Moscow Academy of Finance and Industry), and Professor Akin Aksu, Dean of the Tourism Faculty, Antalya Akdeniz University- all worked as part of the Examination Committee.

Acute paper topics and informative and colorful presentations showed the students’ competency in the hospitality industry.

Catherine Makarova, Anna Guschina, Sanzhar Nizamkhodzaevm, and Nazym Baydol were singled out by the Examination Committee for their outstanding presentations. “International legal regulation of the hospitality industry”, Problems and prospects of catering industry”, “Personnel management in hospitality industry organizations” and many other various topics were presented during the event.

Some students delivered their presentations in English demonstrating an excellent knowledge of the majoring subject as well as a high level of the English Language proficiency. Alina Issengaliyeva and Anna Korotkaya are worth mentioning.

Final Research Paper Presentation is a significant event, and we hope it will be one of the first steps to a successful career of the Antalya International Academy of Tourism graduates.  

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