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Bachelor’s Degree in Budapest

budapesht19 june 2012
On June 19 Budapest College of Communication, Business and Art (BKF) representatives paid a visit to the Antalya International Academy of Tourism.

 Managing Director, head of the business and management program Dr. Istvan Kiss Pal, Dr. Emese Pupek, vice-rector for education, college associate professor, and Dr. Peter Solti, secretary general, were part of the delegation.

 The Hungarian guests were introduced to the Academy’s organizational structure and held a number of meetings with the Principal of the Academy Bikkenev V.M. with the main questions of mutual cooperation put on the agenda.

Another important topic for discussion was a possibility for our graduates to obtain a Bachelor’s degree within 1 year.  Students will have a choice of studying either at Antalya International Academy of Tourism or Budapest College of Communication, Business and Art. Moreover, there  are two  languages of instruction offered-English and Russian.

Hungary is a wonderful country with its capital Budapest being one of the most beautiful European cities. The way of life over there is known to be undisturbed and slow resembling a steady flow of the majestic Danube with old narrow streets and magnificent modern mansions, gothic castles and crowded shopping centers comfortably settled on the river banks. It is the place where Budapest College of Communication, Business and Art is located. BFK is a one of the largest educational institution in Hungary with unique curriculum and international projects, high-tech campuses and more than 8, 000 students enrolled. 

Courses offered are taught across seven institutes: Institute of Economics and Business Sciences, Institute of Marketing, Institute of Tourism and Catering, Institute of Foreign Languages, Institute of Arts and Design and others.

The main majoring specializations are the following:  – communication, business, tourism, and art. “Tourism and Catering” is one of the most popular specializations with a number of programs offered, namely, Introduction to Wellness Tourism, Animation, Hotel Management Studies, Catering Studies and others.

BFK diplomas are internationally recognized being a key to a successful career. 

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