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The Academy of Tourism in Antalya offers wide variety of foreign educational programs to start your career in the hospitality and tourism industry. 


Document confirming graduation

Higher education (Undergraduate program)

3 years

European Diploma of Higher Education

Secondary specialized education

2 years

American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (EI-AH & LA) Diploma

Training programs + internship

Academy of Tourism Certificates

Internship programs in Turkey, USA and European countries

USEH International Certificate

Intensive language studies – from one week up to 6 months

Academy of Tourism Certificates

Short term internship for doctorate and master program students

Academy of Tourism Certificates

Educational Programs

Event Management and PR & Marketing


Event Management Program

PR & Marketing

Event Management is the process of analyzingplanningmarketingproducing and evaluating an event. It is a different way of promoting a product, service or idea. If an event is managed efficiently and effectively, it can be used as a very powerful promotional tool to launch or market a product or service. Events Management requires certain core values to be deployed to every element, process and decision to justify professional approach and achieve effective and efficient results. Event Manager is responsible for congresses, symposiums, conferences, seminars, celebrations, weddings,  entertainment events organization.

Students in bachelor's degree programs in Public Relations & Marketing  learn how to act as liaisons between businesses, communities and media outlets. The study subjects related to promotion, marketing, business communications and planning. Students may also pursue an advanced degrees in Public Relations & Marketing for greater income potential.

Event Management Curriculum

1 year  

Events & Leisure Innovation

International Events Management

Strategy & Leadership

Fashion Marketing

Sport Tourism

Creative Media & Events

Digital Marketing

Hospitality Management

Media, Tourism & Leisure

Public Relations & Event Management 

2 year  

Conference, Meeting Planning  

Marketing Strategies  

Special Events Coordination

Catering Weddings, Convention Sales and Contracts

Economics for Events Professionals

Basic Hospitality Accounting

Negotiation and Risk Management

Event Business & Finance

Event Design & Performance

Thesis Paper

PR & Marketing Curriculum

1 year

Communications Ethics, Law & Regulation
Public Relations Writing  

Social Media: Objectives, Strategies, Tactics

Theory, History & Practice of Public Relations
Managing Media Relations

Critical Business Skills for Corporate Communication

Strategic Communications

Public Relations Consulting

Public Relations in Non-Profit Organizations

Public Relations Specialties
Integrated Marketing

2 year

Global Relations and Intercultural Communications

Public Affairs: Public Opinion & Issues Management
Investor Relations
Government Affairs
Crisis Communication

Reputation Management

Thesis Paper

Hotel Managament

managerHotel Management is one of leading areas in international business. Hotel Management specialty will open unlimited opportunities for you to find successful employment and give a great start to your career.

The Academy students study management, marketing, human resources management, computer technologies used in the hospitality industry.

The educational program perfectly combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills; students have their internship in best hotels of Mediterranean seaside.

There are two departments in the Academy: Russian and English. In the English one all classes including seminars and practical training are conducted in English.

The academic workload for the Hotel Management students is up to 36 study hours a week. The educational program also includes self studies - up to 15 hours a week. 

Education Period: (в виде таблички)

  • 2 years for the 12th grade school graduates (secondary specialized education) + 1 year of Undergraduate program

Graduates obtain:

  • The Ministry of Education of Turkish Republic diploma
  • EI-AH & LA (USA)diploma
  • University of Applied Arts Bachelor diploma 

Training scheme:

1st YEAR (for the 12th grade school graduates)

1st semester

14 weeks

2nd semester

14 weeks


up to 22 weeks

— The Lodging and Food Service Industry

— Management of Food and Beverage Operations

— Food Safety: Managing with the HACCP System

— Computer Science

— English in Tourism

— Turkish

— Animation Activity

— Physical Education

— Managing Housekeeping Operations

— Managing Front Office Operations

— Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry

— Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

— English in Tourism

— Turkish

— Animation Activity

— Physical Education



2nd YEAR

3rd semester

14 weeks

4th semester

14 weeks

— Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

— Managing Hospitality Human Resources

— International Hotels: Development and Management

— Business English

— Turkish

— Animation Activity

— Physical Education

— Hospitality Facilities Management and Design

— Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting

— International Hospitality Law

— Business English

— Turkish

— Animation Activity

— Physical Education


Practical training

Up to 22 weeks

  • Placement at Antalya Coast hotels
  • International placement programs


3rd YEAR (Undergraduate Program)

5th semester

14 weeks

6th semester

14    weeks

- Business and Economics Calculation

- Modern Social History

- Microeconomics

- Marketing Principles

- Tourism Theory

- Tourism Geography I

- Finance (Introduction to Finance Accounting)

- Management and Organization

- Travel Companies Management

- Business and Economics Calculation II

- Macroeconomics

- Online Tourism

- Economics and Tourism

- Statistics

- Corporation Economics

- Introduction to EU Integration

- Graduation Thesis

Food & Beverage Management

restaurantF&B Managementspecialty students receive professional knowledge and restaurant business management skills, learn newe0st technologies of client service organization at food and beverage operations. 

Restaurant business is the one of the highly developing businesses in the world, therefore students with F&B Management diploma have very high chance for successful employment.

The program may be elective (studied as additional specialty to Hotel Management program) or may be studied as an independent one.

Students studying Hotel Management just need to take one extra module in a semester to get the second F & B Management diploma. 

Training scheme (additional modules):

1st YEAR

1st semester

14 weeks

2nd semester

14 weeks


up to 22 weeks

As an addition to the Hotel Management modules:


— Managing Beverage Operations


As an addition to the  Hotel Management modules:


— Purchasing for Food Service Operations

Internship in Antalya seaside hotels/ International programs internships


2nd YEAR

3rd semester

14 weeks

4th semester

14 weeks

As an addition to the Hotel Management modules:

— Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations

As an addition to bask list of the Hotel Management modules:

— Training and Development for the Hospitality Industry

Education Period - 2 years for the 12th grade school graduates (secondary specialized education) + 1 year of the Undergraduate program.

The academic workload is up to 40 study hours a week plus self studies - up to 15 hours a week.

As an addition to the main Hotel Management diploma this program graduates obtain EI-AH & LA (USA) diploma with the specialization in Food & Beverage Management.

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