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Student life

Education in the Academy of Tourism in Antalya is not limited to the specialty chosen by you. It is also time for close association with peers, time for hobbies and endeavors to share abilities and talents.

The Academy team is trying to organize education and time sharing process so that students live lives full of creativity and bright impressions, and learn how to make right moral decision.

Students' objectives are not only attending classes, self studies, taking tests and exams, but also learning how to interact: communicate, understand and accept each other. Our students team in the Academy is multinational, united and lives as one big family. Seniors help freshmen get familiarized in the Academy, get acquainted with living in Antalya and Turkey.

During all education period in the Academy of Tourism in Antalya students, thanks to many various tours, have a chance to see Turkish historical and cultural monuments, visit most picturesque places of Antalya seaside, and have vacation in best Antalya hotels for special prices.

A lot of interesting cultural events take place in Antalya every year, many of them have become traditional: matriculation, "My moment" contest, football and volleyball championships, Nauris celebration, Halloween Party and many others. New Year parties prepared by students at high professional level have become a special tradition for all Russian-speaking residents of Antalya.  

Multiple studios for balanced personal growth of students work constantly in Antalya: Latin dance, hip hop, vocal, violin and piano studios, karate class. 

Students participate most actively in annual Academy of Tourism in Antalya projects: International Knowledge Olympiad for School Students and Tourism Festival, the events which they organize, guide and participate. Thanks to these projects the Academy students have a chance to communicate with young adults from different countries, make new friends and expand their prospective.

The Academy of Tourism in Antalya pays special attention to the students' healthy way of living and encourages them to do sport regularly. Subtropical climate of the Mediterranean seaside helps them do any kind of sport: starting with swimming, ending with mountain skiing.

All this life variety helps the Academy students not only expand education opportunities, but also develop active attitude and talents.

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