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November 10 at the football field of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, a football tournament was held between the teams of the 1st course, 2nd Russian and 2nd English departments. The tournament was held in a circular system "Everyone plays with everyone."

The struggle for victory was fascinating, uncompromising and tough. In a bitter struggle with one win and one draw, the team of the 2nd course of the English department won. The 2nd place with one victory was taken by the team of the 2nd course of the Russian department. And 3 place with one draw for the team of the 1st course.

Without exaggeration, we can say that all the players showed a strong character, played football, using the slightest chance to win. Each participant was in his place and did his best for the common victory. However, sports fortune was on the side of the children of the 2nd course of the English department.

After the match, the players thanked the fans, who throughout the game actively supported their teams.

Winners and prize-winners of the tournament were awarded with diplomas and medals.

Thanks to the participants of this meeting for the beautiful football! And to new sports victories!

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