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International  Academy of Tourism

Rules of Conduct

 Guiding principle:

"At all times use your common sense and do not do anything that will bring you or your Academy into disrepute."

 Classroom Code of Conduct

  • The medium of instruction at English Department of the Acqademy  is English
  • Use English to communicate with each other and teachers during  lessons. 
  • Come prepared to learn. Arrive in class will all necessary matereals each day.
  • Work to the best of your abilites.
  • Be aware of all units or subject information and raise any questions or concerns with the appropriate academic staff member in a timely manner.
  • Be responsibile to participate in the teaching and learning environment positively and actively by asking questions, joining study groups, using the library and other facilities effectively, and taking effective notes in class.
  • Food, beverages and gum are prohibited in the classroom
  • Use of cell phones, MP3players, gaming devices is prohibited during lessons.

 Attitude, Manners and Respect for Others:

  • Develop a positive attitude towards Accademy, your studies and your involvement in activities.
  • Develop self-discipline and responsibility for your own academic progress.
  • Identify with the traditions of Academy.
  • Respect the individuality, convictions and beliefs of others.
  • Respect others skills, talents and  contributions.
  • Do not use offensive language.
  • Listen to and respect the opinions of others.
  • Uniform must be worn in the Academy.

 Punctuality and Bounds:

  • Be punctual in attending all classes.
  • No student may leave school at any time except with the permission of the Director or Vice-Director.
  • Be responible for your actions.
  • Attendance to courses is compulsory.
  • Excuses are not accepted except for particular situations that are approved by the Academy administration, or those that are documented through medical reports
  • Students are required to keep their contact details updated within 3 days of any changes.

 Respect of Property:

  • Take care of your own belongings, and show respect for the property of others.
  • Do not bring valuables to Academy unnecessarily.
  • Take pride in the Academy grounds and buildings by assisting to keep them neat and free of litter.
  • Any breakage or damage to property must be reported immediately.

 Co-curricular Programme:

  • Uphold the Academy spirit by participating in and supporting cultural, sporting and academic activities.
  • Teamwork is the value the Academy strives for. 
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